Why our work is important

Our goal is to make clients successful. Our team represents clients’ needs across our whole company, playing an essential role in shaping our products and services. By collaborating internally with all teams, we ensure our clients make the most out of our best-in-class cyber risk analytics and applications.

We understand our users’ challenges, goals and experiences when using our solutions, so we can develop innovative and personalized resources that will help them achieve their objectives and become cyber (re)insurance experts.

The way we work


Be the voice of our clients

We represent our clients and we make sure they get the most value out of our products and services. We convey their perspective across the whole company and help shape our mission for the industry.


The world is our oyster

There are no boundaries to our dedication. We’re engaged with the industry to spread the word about our solutions, no matter where.


Initiatives welcome

We’re dedicated to getting things done and thinking creatively to deliver for our clients. We encourage openness and cooperation to bring additional value.


Diversity brings strength

Having different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives matter to us and allow us to better help our clients.

Open positions