Why our work is important

As CyberCube is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology company, the work we do in the engineering team is key for the company. By constantly communicating with other departments and our clients, we strive to build the best-in-class cyber risk analytics and modeling platform. We truly believe we can help society better understand the financial impact of cyber risks, and improve the way the (re)insurance ecosystem deals with threats and potential losses. That is why we focus on building a customer-centric, up-to-date and efficient platform hand in hand with our clients.

The way we work


The team is everything

We want to build an efficient and collaborative team where sharing is fundamental. Trust is key and this is why we organize socials such as our Engineering Friday Lunch, Tech Exchange and much more for colleagues to really get to know each other.


Happy customers are part of the team

Creating value for our clients is the central point of what we do. We constantly take our users’ feedback into account to offer them the best service possible. We consider that it is our job to communicate with different teams to make sure we understand our clients’ perspective.


Own it

We’re on a roller-coaster journey in which we build amazing things from the ground and scale them quickly. There are no boundaries as to where members of our team can contribute. We like to see them being proud of what they deliver.


Endless learning

From weekly lunches to frequent meet-ups, learning is fundamental in enabling us to adapt to new technologies. We benefit from others, staying up-to-date with current trends. Continuous educational development helps us become the best engineers.

Open positions