Why our work is important

As we’re growing quickly, with offices around the world and more and more brilliant people joining us, our Operations ∓ People Team is more crucial than ever. We need ambitious people, eager to plan for our future and to run the company smoothly. We strongly believe our staff are our biggest assets and strive to offer ours the opportunity to undertake the best work of their careers. That is why we’re working hard to create a unique experience for anyone who might want to join us and ensure those who did remain compelled to continue their journey at CyberCube.

The way we work


Growth at its core

From automating processes, financial planning, to go-to-market strategies, we’re focused on optimizing all areas of the company for our current and future growth.



We want you to feel as comfortable at work as you do at home. With endless snacks, a feel-good atmosphere and amazing facilities, we will make sure our offices bring you everything you hope for.


On the lookout for brilliant talent

CyberCube is growing quickly and we’re always on the lookout for amazing people to join us. We create an inclusive experience for our candidates and we carefully select our newcomers.


Diversity, inclusion and culture

We’re proud of the culture we have built. We’re passionate about creating a safe environment for everyone based on our core values of Team Collaboration, Openness and Trust, Intellectual Rigor, Passion for Excellence and Getting Things Done.

Open positions