Why our work is important

We’re disrupting the insurance industry and we’re moving fast. This is why our sales strategy isn’t only about closing deals but building relationships and educating the oldest industry on new ways to create value. Our unique combination of cyber and insurance expertise helps us to understand our potential clients’ needs and how our solutions can help them.

The way we work


Believe in our success

We’re building a ground-breaking platform that is revolutionizing the whole ecosystem - and we’re only just starting.


Flexibility for a better life

Presenteeism isn’t in our DNA and there is no point in you sitting behind a desk for long hours. We offer work from home possibilities, flexibility and many other perks to ensure your comfort.


Not for, but with our clients

We’re lucky to work first hand with our prospects and current clients to learn from their points of view on cyber risk and (re)insurance, benefiting directly from their expertise.


Collaborate with everyone

As we’re spreading the word about our solutions, we get to interact with all areas of the company to make sure we stay relevant, precise and up-to-date with our latest strategies and developments.

Open positions