19 Jun

2019 Cyber Risk Awards


Advisen hosted our 6th annual Cyber Risk Awards at a gala dinner event in New York City that has become the leading networking event on the cyber social calendar. The excellent line-up of emcees will bring their unique flavor to the evening which will see the cyber market’s top performers honored by their peers. Unlike other industry award presentations that kowtow to advertisers, Advisen’s Cyber Risk Awards are determined by “People’s Choice” and leverage Advisen’s vast contact database of insurance professionals who care about Cyber Risk. 415 Cyber Risk Professionals attended this dinner in 2018.

Our Involvement

CyberCube won the Advisen 2019 Award Cyber Risk Model of the Year Award
The award rewarded us as a corporation whose specific predictive model, probabilistic model, or score has made an outstanding contribution to improving the way that cyber risk is quantified in the past year.

CyberCube’s CEO, Pascal Millaire, went on stage to retrieve the prize.

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Event Details

Date: 19/06/2019 - 19/06/2019
Location: NYC
Organizer: Advisen
Pascal Millaire