Cat Risk management and Modelling, Europe 2020


Cat Risk management and Modelling, Europe 2020


Our Involvement

The Annual CAT Risk Management & Modelling Europe 2020 is now in its 7th year as the only independent global CAT risk conference series. Since its inception in 2013, it has played host to CAT risk modelling experts in Sydney, Singapore, London and greater Europe.
With insured losses currently sitting at US$92 billion in 2019 thus far, is the re/insurance industry prepared for more extreme natural catastrophic events? Can a renewed focus on climate change make the difference in a year that has already seen immense hurricanes and some of the worst heatwaves ever for Europe?
  • How will the science, modelling and re/insurance industries work together to contend with insuring against the volatility of climate changes?
  • How are models able to contend with multifaceted catastrophes, such as flood from Hurricane?
  • How will pricing have to change and how do you guarantee the economic viability of the industry for the future?
Join us at the 7th Annual CAT Risk Management & Modelling Europe 2020, where upcoming minds join some of the best in the business of CAT risk to address the challenges that the re/insurance industry faces. With an in-depth Climate Investigation and modelling of US Flood from Hurricane, the program will be bigger and better than ever.
CyberCube’s Principal Client Services Manager, Laurel Di Silvestro, will be participating in a roundtable on Building a forward-looking view of risk: How to model cyber catastrophe risk on March 12th.

Event Details

11/03/2020 - 12/03/2020
CatRisk Management
Laurel Di Silvestro