The Future of Insurance Europe 2021

The Future of Insurance Europe 2021

Insurance has entered a new era. One where innovation is no longer an option, but a must. As an industry we have transformed more over the last year than previously thought possible, yet it’s just the beginning.

Insurers face growing challenges from rising customer demands, an influx of new technology, and increasingly unpredictable risk from climate change and cyber – we must act now to not only gain market share, but ultimately retain it. But risk in turn, creates opportunity. The most successful insurers will be those that truly hold the customer at the heart of every product, service, and transformation – so deep-rooted into your organisation’s DNA that it becomes innate. 

Join 1,000+ of your peers from across the insurance ecosystem at Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance Europe 2021 to decide the key strategies your organisation must use to gain a competitive edge in our digital marketplace and pioneer a brighter future for the European insurance industry.

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04/11/2021- 05/11/2021
Pascal Millaire