Symantec Partnership


CyberCube leverages data, expertise and threat intelligence from Symantec, world’s leading cyber security company, along with other best-in-class third-party sources and our own proprietary analytics. CyberCube is headquartered in San Francisco, California and operates as a stand-alone organization backed by Symantec Ventures.

Symantec has contributed technology assets, developed in collaboration with leading insurance underwriters, in return for an equity stake. In addition, Symantec provides a long-term, proprietary telemetry data license to augment CyberCube’s risk models. The investment is being managed under the Symantec Ventures portfolio.

CyberCube also has a long-term access to Symantec Cyber Security Services (CSS), Security Technology and Response (STAR) division and Symantec’s Incident Response Services.

“Symantec Ventures was created to be a catalyst for critical breakthroughs and innovation in the cyber security industry,” said Symantec CEO, Greg Clark. “We are excited about CyberCube’s ability to address the needs of the cyber insurance market and believe that they are well positioned to realize the full potential of this large opportunity. We partnered with Trident Capital Cybersecurity to launch CyberCube because of their proven success in growing cyber security companies.”

Greg Clark

Symantec CEO

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