Why our work is important

CyberCube is more than a platform, it is a 360-degree solution for cyber (re)insurance professionals. We’re proud to be offering the best-in-class applications supported by our team of analysts who come from various backgrounds and possess exceptional experience in cybersecurity and (re)insurance. Our unique combination of skills and knowledge helps us to find timely solutions for our clients and to constantly improve our products. We’re true believers that our complimentary approaches make us stronger as a team and as a company.

The way we work



We’re performing a lot of original work. The problems we solve are often new and require deviating from traditional approaches, thinking outside of the box.


Intellectual rigor and creativity

We’re free to design and build new ways to tackle challenging problems by combining a wide variety of expertise.


Agility and responsiveness

Our ideas are taken into account and directly implemented into new products and features, helping our clients immediately.


Shaping the future

As we’re at the forefront of the cyber modeling market, we’re provided with major and engaging challenges every day.

Open positions