CyberCube Concierge is a value-add service that will bring our team’s cyber expertise directly to your company.


Through CyberCube Concierge, you can access some of the cyber security industry’s leading experts and bring additional competence to your cyber insurance team.

Let our expert analysts and consultants keep your teams up to date with the latest insights concerning the ever-changing threat landscape whilst you leverage our talent to update underwriting & modelling practices and bring them in line with current risk dynamics.

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Aim big and think bigger
Enhance your cyber underwriting strategy with expert analysis on the cyber risk landscape
> Access to objective analysis, informed opinions, and actionable insights from CyberCube’s cyber team
headline security
Keep up with the latest cyber risk developments and gain insight into the cyber threat landscape
> Access to various research products focussed on cyber events, emerging threats, and other topics of interest
Gain a deeper understanding for how to apply the most important cyber risk signals
> Access to emerging threat analysis coupled with CyberCube’s expert driven “signal-to-threat” insights
collaborate with everyone
Pressure test your cyber risk hypothesis with a multi-disciplined team 
> Access to cyber pros who can help coordinate questions with insurance, actuarial, and modelling experts
exclusive behind the firewall
Stay focussed on the “so what” questions for cyber insurance professionals
> Access to cyber analysis tailored to help answer the most relevant questions facing the insurance community