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CyberCube provides a defensible, independent view of risk for your cyber ILS transactions. We leverage our unique approach to modeling and multi-disciplinary team of experts in cyber risk quantification to deliver analytics and insights.


Analyze impact of different catastrophic cyber events on the bond's perfomance and obtain key loss metrics, including:

  • Probability of Attachment
  • Probability of Exhaustion
  • Expected Loss

Analyze correlations between cyber perils and bonds within a fund portfolio


Support your transaction with all necessary investor materials in a risk analysis report and expertise, including:

  • Risk analysis and modeling methodology
  • Loss distribution charts and exhibits
  • Roadshow support

Key Statistics

Primary model in >75% of cyber cat bonds 
Helped unlock >$400M in capacity
First-ever 144A cyber cat bond in 2023
The largest 144A cyber cat bond to date
The first 144A industry-indexed cyber cat bond
Basis for first private cyber cat bond
Market-leader in cyber risk quantification

ILS Solutions

CyberCube is the trusted choice of the investor community due to our unparalleled model transparency, the rigor of our model validation, and the breadth and detail of model scenarios.


Risk Consulting and Expertization Services

  • Detailed risk analysis accompanied by thorough documentation of the processes
  • Preparation of marketing materials and transaction documentation
  • Support with global roadshows for the financial instrument
  • Calculating resets and growth limitation factors when necessary
  • Cyber threat intelligence analyses to inform the scope of cyber perils covered
  • Deliver analytics to assist with the identification and structuring of financial instruments
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Portfolio Manager

  • Access the broadest array of realistic scenarios available in the industry for a reliable, defensible assessment of your loss exposure
  • Probabilistically quantify catastrophic and attritional losses
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Industry Exposure Databases

  • Provide a sound foundation to develop industry loss curves for:
    • Industry-based triggers
    • Benchmarking and pricing
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Discover how to leverage leading cyber risk analytics for your business

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