Cyber insurers must understand the implications of social engineering

Social engineering - the use of deception techniques to trick individual targets and organizations - has taken on different meanings in the context of cybersecurity. Darren Thomson, Head of Cyber Security Strategy for CyberCube, outlines the implications for the insurance industry.

Social Engineering, blurring reality and fake

Darren Thomson, Head of Cyber Security Strategy at CyberCube, depicts the social engineering trend used by cyber criminals, bringing their techniques to new levels in terms of both scale and sophistication.

Pandemic and cyber modeling – learning from differing experiences

What are the similarities and differences in ways that we look at pandemic and cyber modeling? Oli Brew, CyberCube’s Head of Client Success, discusses this topic with Nita Madhav, CEO of Metabiota as they outline the findings of a recently published report “Viruses, Contagion and Tail Risk: Modeling Cyber Risk in the Age of Pandemics”.

Viruses, contagion and tail risk

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically influenced every aspect of how we live, work and think about systemic risk. Cyber risk models aim to understand and articulate the systemic risk potential arising from the increasingly hyper-connected technological world in which we operate both in our economy and wider society. Oliver Brew, Head of Client Success, examines the lessons that can be learnt and applied to cyber risk modeling from understanding how pandemic models have evolved.

Ransomware and business interruption key risk for clients, claims Lockton

Lockton’s clients face a wide variety of cyber threats including ransomware and contingent business interruption. Colin White, analytics director of Lockton Financial Services, explains how CyberCube’s Broking Manager helps with risk quantification and informs clients about the issues that they might face.

Financial Times Live – Insurance Innovation Summit | How Cyber Is Changing the Nature of Risk

The pandemic has altered the dynamics of globalization, politics, and the risk landscape. This keynote, with (ret.) Admiral Michael S. Rogers, CyberCube's CEO Pascal Millaire, considers the key trends that have been accelerated or decelerated and how the societal shift to non-physical and internet-connected technologies has increased cyber risk.

Bermuda is a good home for cyber insurance and reinsurance, says ABIR

John Huff, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers, said cyber is a good product line for the Bermuda market because of (re)insurers’ agility and innovative approaches. He describes some of the actions ABIR is taking to ensure cyber remains on the agenda for its members.

The role of brokers and analytics in the cyber risk landscape | Oren Schetrit

Brokers have an opportunity to be an impartial and thorough trusted advisor for cyber risks. Companies can leverage and rely on them to not only understand their cyber risk and sources of threats and loss, but also quantify financial exposure in the context of making insurance purchasing decisions.

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