Aon and CyberCube Examine the Impact of Coronavirus on Cybersecurity | Darren Thomson & Jon Laux

CyberCube discusses the impact of the novel coronavirus ( COVID-19) and working from home practices, and what this means for cybersecurity.

Pandemic Under the Microscope Report

What are the changes to our digital landscape that have been encouraged by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures?

Drawing Comparisons Between Cyber Risk Modeling Data and Creating a Samurai Sword | Judy Chow

Parallels can be drawn between making a samurai sword and data creation. Judy Chow, Director of Product Management and Lewis Guignard, Senior Manager of Data Science, CyberCube highlight some of the themes in a new report looking at the role of data in risk modeling.

Crafting the Samurai Sword Report

The digital transformation of the last several decades has changed our lives in such numerous and powerful ways that it has been termed the Information Revolution, following the Industrial Revolution as the most recent impactful shift in the way humans live and interact with each other.

Reducing friction and shortening the cyber insurance sales cycle | Webinar

Cyber insurance is one of the fastest-growing markets in the insurance industry. And with this fast growth comes new and constantly changing risks.

The Role of Intermediaries in Placing Cyber Risk

With the wealth of data available to companies and their insurer partners, there should be enough information to tailor specific insurance cover to any organizations’ needs. However, upon deeper analysis, there are several structural factors across the market that contribute to this inefficiency and under-protection of corporations.

Understanding the Role that Brokers and Analytics Play in the Cyber Risk Ecosystem | Oren Schetrit and John Anderson

Understanding of exposure to cyber risk and the gap that exists between small and large companies in understanding can be augmented by the role that brokers and analytics play in the cyber risk ecosystem

Designing a Cyber Catastrophe

The creation of risk scenarios is one of the most important, complex and (for many) interesting aspects of risk management in the insurance sector...

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