Social Engineering, blurring reality and fake

Darren Thomson, Head of Cyber Security Strategy at CyberCube, depicts the social engineering trend used by cyber criminals, bringing their techniques to new levels in terms of both scale and sophistication.

Viruses, contagion and tail risk

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically influenced every aspect of how we live, work and think about systemic risk. Cyber risk models aim to understand and articulate the systemic risk potential arising from the increasingly hyper-connected technological world in which we operate both in our economy and wider society. Oliver Brew, Head of Client Success, examines the lessons that can be learnt and applied to cyber risk modeling from understanding how pandemic models have evolved.

Pandemic Under the Microscope Report

What are the changes to our digital landscape that have been encouraged by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures?

Crafting the Samurai Sword Report

The digital transformation of the last several decades has changed our lives in such numerous and powerful ways that it has been termed the Information Revolution, following the Industrial Revolution as the most recent impactful shift in the way humans live and interact with each other.

The Role of Intermediaries in Placing Cyber Risk

With the wealth of data available to companies and their insurer partners, there should be enough information to tailor specific insurance cover to any organizations’ needs. However, upon deeper analysis, there are several structural factors across the market that contribute to this inefficiency and under-protection of corporations.

Designing a Cyber Catastrophe

The creation of risk scenarios is one of the most important, complex and (for many) interesting aspects of risk management in the insurance sector...

Understanding Ransomware Trends | Ransomware Attack Methods Alter as Threat Actors Grow in Sophistication

The ransomware threat has evolved significantly over the past few years, as attackers grow in confidence and explore different approaches...

Drawing from the Experience of Nat Cat Modeling

The cyber insurance market can learn lessons from the experiences of the natural catastrophe insurance industry, although the unique characteristics of cyber risks mean that there are as many differences as there are similarities for this risk compared to natural catastrophe modeling...

Understanding the Societal Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Role of Insurance

The global economy is racing to digitize its service and product offerings and this “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has far-reaching implications for society...

“Heightened Risk” Of Iranian Cyber Attacks As Middle-East Tensions Rise

Recent developments in the Middle East and rising political tensions with the US are leading military and cyber experts to speculate on the opening up of a new front in cyber warfare...

ILS and the Cyber Market: Unlocking Potential In The Capital Markets

For the past 20 years, the capital markets have offered crucial capacity for certain catastrophe-prone perils and regions where traditional insurance and reinsurance capacity has been hard to secure at acceptable terms and conditions...

Accurately Assessing Silent Exposure: A Step Towards Strengthening The Cyber Market’s Development

Against a backdrop of increasing interconnectivity, the need to accurately price cyber risks, understand gross and net exposures, and gain deeper insight to steer underwriting towards better exposure controls and profitability is paramount...

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