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Power insight-driven risk decisions

CyberCube’s data and analytics platform supports multiple applications to enable (re)insurance placement, underwriting decisions, and portfolio management optimization – all powered by a state-of-the-art cloud-based technology framework.

Risk assessment solutions for the insurance sector

Broking Manager

Develop deeper insights on cyber risk transfer.

Account Manager

Faster, more informed individual
 risk underwriting.

Portfolio Manager

Forward-looking catastrophe modeling and portfolio management.

Supported by our multi-disciplinary analytics

Insurability analytics

Probabilistic and scenario models built by experts in insurance, actuarial science and catastrophe modeling allow customizable frequency and severity views.

Accumulation analytics

Comprehensive and realistic catastrophe scenario catalog developed by experts in threat intelligence, cybersecurity, data science and economics.

Enterprise Data
Internal Security Data
External Security Data
Historical Loss Data

Curated from an ecosystem of
best-in-class data partners

Terabyte-scale database of multiple sources, including unique inside-the-firewall telemetry from leading cybersecurity provider, Symantec.

Built on a state of the art cloud-based technology platform

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Insurance Brokers

World-class analytics to power client advisory for insurance purchases, financial loss estimates, and industry benchmarks.

Our products empower you to:
  • Understand cybersecurity profiles
  • Estimate financial loss from cyber attacks
  • Provide comprehensive reports to clients
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Enable a detailed view of enterprise risk profiles for individual risk underwriting. Power portfolio-level decision making through forward-looking models.

Our products empower you to:
  • Select the best risks for your portfolio
  • Enhance reinsurance purchasing decisions
  • Model realistic catastrophe scenarios
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Reinsurance Brokers

Industry-leading analytics to power client advisory for reinsurance purchasing, catastrophe modeling, and facultative risks.

Our products empower you to:
  • Advise on reinsurance program structures
  • Identify portfolio risk accumulations
  • Inform catastrophe loads
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Measure the financial impact of systemic cyber attacks and identify accumulation risks in your portfolio for forward-looking risk modeling.

Our products empower you to:
  • Model realistic catastrophe scenarios
  • Identify accumulation risk in your portfolio
  • Set cat loads for risk-adjusted pricing
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