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The trusted
partner in cyber
risk quantification

Reshaping the boundaries of cyber risk analytics

Cyber risk is multidimensional, and so is CyberCube. We deliver the data, analytics, and expertise to empower cyber risk quantification and build resilience — so you can understand your cyber risk from all sides.

Delivering the world’s leading cyber risk modeling and analytics

In a world of overwhelming information and conflicting signals, you need a guide you can trust to effectively quantify cyber risk. Our approach to cyber insurance analytics creates clarity and order from chaos.

Since CyberCube’s founding, the insurance industry has relied on our solutions to inform cyber risk management and risk transfer decisions. Driven by data and informed by insight, our technology is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and our multidisciplinary team, delivering confidence, clarity and cutting-edge expertise.

Our team of experts are well versed in the shifting cyber risk landscape and the potential cyber events that may occur. We dissect these complex cyber threats into clear, actionable strategies, translating cyber risk into financial impact on businesses, markets, and society as a whole. 

Industry-leading expertise, services & solutions

The most risk differentiation for cyber underwriting

Over 1 billion technology dependencies

Widest array of representative, explainable cyber scenarios

The broadest range of solutions designed for your workflow

Used to model over 70% of global cyber premiums

AMBest / S&P Global

The CyberCube Advantage

Why our partners choose CyberCube


Fit for purpose solutions

The challenges around cyber risk require a fit for purpose solution — that’s why we custom build our tools, allowing you to tailor them to your needs. Our data-driven approach and actionable insights will help you navigate the shifting cyber landscape and quantify the financial impact of cyber. 

Transparency at our core

Cyber risk is a world of many perspectives, and being able to quantify it requires a trustworthy team at your side. At CyberCube, we believe in being as transparent as we can with our data, including how we process it, our models, and our methodologies — otherwise, how can you trust the analytics we provide?

Embracing innovation

Cyber is always changing, so naturally we change alongside it. CyberCube looks to seek out new approaches, philosophies, and technologies to continuously create groundbreaking cyber risk solutions, which leverage our unique combination of data, insights, and AI.

Dedicated support

By choosing CyberCube, you gain more than just access to our data, insights, and models — you gain a dedicated partner to support you. Our deep bench of cyber risk experts will help you best harness our analytics to empower you to drive exceptional outcomes. 

Streamlined efficiency

CyberCube’s solutions are built with your end usage in mind, designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Our tools are easy to use, tailored to your needs and integrate with your current systems, so you can focus on utilizing our insights to drive growth.

A complete set of products

Unlike any tool on the market, our holistic set of solutions work in conjunction with each other. This means you can seamlessly integrate our products throughout your organization and rest assured that your teams can easily work towards the same goals.

Unlock capital for cyber risk to drive innovation
Translate cyber risk into financial impact for organizations
Enable societal resilience to systemic risk
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Featured Case Study

Set profitable attachments with Account Manager

Using the full suite of analytics available to them in Account Manager (AM), CyberCube customers can financially quantify terms and conditions and set profitable deductibles.

Tailored cyber risk solutions for each industry segment

Partnering with leading institutions to power their growth

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