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Industry-proven analytics

Cyber (re)insurers achieve sustainable growth using CyberCube’s portfolio insights with detailed modeling, analysis and reporting capabilities for all stakeholders.

Pricing analytics

Establish cyber risk specific technical pricing fundamentals across both attritional and catastrophic cyber losses

Exposure-based modeling to complement more experience-based, in-house models

Total portfolio loss analytics for evaluating reinsurance needs

Exposure Management

Gain insight into what type of exposure is driving cyber risk at different points on the loss distribution

Quantify cyber risk levels and the correlation in cyber risk across policies

Identify the most viable exposure management strategies by rapidly modeling the impact of various alternatives

Establish your view of risk

Transparent modeling framework allowing for ease of understanding model loss drivers for both attritional and catastrophic cyber perils

Flexible model settings and output allow implementation of your view of risk

Access to the deepest bench of cyber risk and insurance professionals to establish valid programs 

(Re)insurance product innovation

Flexibly analyze relationships between coverages

Adjust to better reflect the risks that are covered against modeled scenarios

Conduct sensitivity testing of potential product changes with probabilistic scenarios

Explainable and tangible cyber scenarios

20 cost components

Continually updated policy modeling capabilities to reflect market needs

Full loss perspective with industry-leading attritional and catastrophic modeling

Most predictive power to differentiate high risks from low

Conduct comprehensive analyses for informed risk transfer decisions

Meaningful portfolio differentiation

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Using data-driven analytics to stay ahead

Cyber risk is in a state of constant flux. (Re)insurers need a comprehensive solution that, by design, stays ahead of those trends to ensure your organization is accounting for both potential mass accumulation events and attritional events.

CyberCube understands the challenges cyber risk poses and has developed the market’s leading cyber portfolio modeling solution, Portfolio Manager (PM). PM ensures you can obtain a robust, realistic, and validated view of potential financial loss.

What Portfolio Manager delivers


Detailed reporting
Quantify and segment risk and exposure across key dimensions, as well as granular loss results to illustrate risk breakdowns for virtually any stakeholder.
Robust threat landscape intelligence
Access the broadest, most detailed catalog of cyber perils for a reliable, defensible assessment of your risk.
Refined analysis control options
Dynamically stress test model outputs and establish your own view of the risk using analysis controls to adjust frequency, severity and other assumptions.
Comprehensive financial modeling
Leverage best-in-class cyber catastrophe and predictive attritional models to understand your financial loss potential. Utilize company-specific security telemetry and firmographics to help shape portfolio strategy and enable quantified feedback to underwriting teams.
Multi-line cyber modeling
Assess cyber exposure across all P&C lines of business. Isolate loss cost components to reflect potential cyber perils for both affirmative and non-affirmative cyber.
CyberConnect APIs for more power
Integrating Portfolio Manager capabilities via CyberConnect provides power users with access to company level YLT for full control of your analyses.

More Capabilities

Related solutions

SPoF Intelligence

Identify Single Points of Failure (SPoFs) within portfolios and manage your risk concentrations to help minimize cyber catastrophe losses across all coverage types.

Capability overview

  • View technology dependencies in your portfolio
  • Understand and manage your digital supply chain risk accumulations
  • Improve claims response to cyber events.
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Industry Exposure Database (IED)

CyberCube’s Industry Exposure Databases (IEDs) are the world’s first set of detailed cyber-exposure databases, providing foundations for the only industry-accepted industry loss curves.

Capability overview

  • Analyze potential growth strategies
  • Perform real-time event analyses and sensitivity analyses
  • Create proxy portfolios for planning purposes, reinsurance, or ILS transactions
  • Validate models and manage model changes and conduct industry benchmarking analysis
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Cross-suite capabilities

  • Underwriters can quickly quantify and understand an individual account’s impact on the portfolio with:

    • CAT load metrics
    • Tail diversification measurements
    • Return-on-risk capital thresholds
  • Analyze and quantify the risk quality of any portfolio to distinguish one from another for portfolio optimization and risk monitoring. Dissect your portfolio and identify problem accounts, industries, and peer groups based on select at-risk telemetry.

    • Identify the key drivers of risk and profitability within your portfolio
    • Generate a custom view of accounts and their ranks within your portfolio*
    • Easily generate portfolio optimization analyses for annual tiering exercises
    • Demonstrate underwriting discipline and rigor for reinsurance discussions

Why our clients choose CyberCube


Adam Braithwaite

Senior Reinsurance Actuary


Lockton Re selected Portfolio Manager to "integrate with Lockton Re's SAGE, our proprietary reinsurance analytics platform, to provide our clients with even greater analytical insights and advice for their cyber portfolios."

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