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portfolio-managerPortfolio Manager: Superpowered portfolio management

Cyber risk is constantly in flux, and while historical data and trends are useful, it’s critical for models to consider a wide array of potential accumulation events. Portfolio Manager is a fully probabilistic, scenario-based, and data-driven solution.  It streamlines the task of creating a robust, forward-looking view of risk and enables risk managers to develop their own view of their risk and uncover portfolio-level insights for their senior leadership and working teams. 

Take control of your risk

As technologies evolve and cyber security practices adapt, you need to keep ahead of those trends to ensure your organization is accounting for potential mass accumulation events.  

With Portfolio Manager, you can: 

  • - Quickly access visualizations on a variety of exceedance probability metrics to include in management information packs. 
  • - Drill down and identify loss drivers and areas of accumulation risk. 
  • - Dive into more granular details by scenario, risk class, and account level statistics.

What Portfolio Manager delivers

At CyberCube, we understand the challenges cyber risk poses when it comes to making informed decisions. Portfolio Manager delivers the necessary insights to assess risk, determine optimal pricing, and refine your risk management strategies.

direct support

Detailed Reporting

Quantify and segment risk and exposure across key dimensions as well as deterministic scenario reporting to illustrate risk breakdowns for virtually any stakeholder.

enhanced information

Refined Analysis Control Options

Dynamically stress test model outputs and establish your own view of the risk using analysis controls to adjust frequency, severity, and other assumptions.

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Robust Scenarios

Access the broadest, most detailed catalog of cyber catastrophe scenarios for a reliable, defensible assessment of your loss exposure.

agility and responsiveness

Multi-line Cyber Modeling

Assess cyber exposure across all P&C lines of business. Isolate loss cost components to reflect potential cyber perils for both affirmative and non-affirmative cyber.

The information you need, when you need it

Price and structure reinsurance programs

Portfolio Manager’s catastrophe model outputs a full probabilistic loss distribution, with connections from points on the curve to tangible scenarios, single points of failure, and policies. This allows you to efficiently analyze variations in reinsurance contract/treaty terms on a portfolio as well as occurrence-based reinsurance structures, such as quota share treaties and excess layers.

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Establishing underwriting guidelines and risk selection strategy

Portfolio Manager gives insight into what type of company is driving cyber risk at different points on the loss distribution, and how premium compares to risk.

By quantifying the level of cyber risk for each policy and the correlation in cyber risk across policies, you will have credible portfolio loss distributions appropriate for portfolio management purposes. This allows for rapid iteration on analyzing detailed hypotheticals when comparing the impact of various alternative strategies. With losses by coverage and a detailed financial model, you can fine-tune your policy terms.

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Establish and operationalize your view of risk

CyberCube’s Portfolio Manager enables stress-testing by varying frequency distributions, frequency mode, and severity modes. Scenario-specific analytics also include conditional loss distributions, allowing users to see the total range of losses as well as interquartile results per scenario.

Portfolio Manager allows you to drill down and identify loss drivers and areas of accumulation risk across multiple lines of business.

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Refine (re)insurance products

Portfolio Manager provides flexibility in analyzing the relationships between coverage types and cost components. Adjust these accordingly to better reflect the risks that are covered against modeled scenarios. With probabilistic scenarios that highlight specific cost components, you can also conduct sensitivity testing of potential product changes.

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Get a broader view of cyber exposures across multiple P&C lines of insurance

Portfolio Manager quantifies non-affirmative cyber exposure in multiple lines of business. By assessing cyber exposure across other P&C lines of business to isolate loss cost components to reflect potential cyber perils and identify loss drivers, you can identify the areas of accumulation risk across multiple lines of business.

CyberCube's multi-line approach enables a broader view across the spectrum of P&C risks.

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Make your cyber insurance business soar

Why our clients choose CyberCube



Lockton Re selected Portfolio Manager to "integrate with Lockton Re's SAGE, our proprietary reinsurance analytics platform, to provide our clients with even greater analytical insights and advice for their cyber portfolios."


-Adam Braithwaite, Senior Reinsurance Actuary


Guy-Logo“The powerful combination of our knowledge of (re)insurance dynamics and the evolution of the product and macro-systemic industry concerns, coupled with CyberCube’s expertise in data science, cyber security, software engineering and actuarial modeling, will deepen the industry’s understanding of this rapidly evolving risk.”

-Claude Yoder, Global Chief Innovation and Product Development Officer


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CAERS - Cyber Aggregation Events Response Services

CAERS provides up-to-date intelligence on major cyber catastrophes worldwide as they unfold to ensure CyberCube clients have the most relevant information regarding significant aggregation events. 

For major events, CyberCube’s perspective will also be enhanced by on-the-ground threat intelligence from Kroll, our incident response partner.