CyberCube partners with leading cyber retail broking platforms to provide pre-integrated data and visualizations into the brokers quote bind platforms. This helps:

  • - Minimize dependency on internal IT organizations 
  • - Eliminate redundant data entry to save time and reduce human error 
    - Ensure that brokers have the information they need to substantiate and explain their recommendations to their clients 
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By leveraging CyberCube analytics in conjunction with our technology partners, brokers have the tools and support to:  

Confidently advise accounts on their cyber risk profile 
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Surface potential insurance-relevant cyber security issues before going to market 

CyberCube has partnered with a broad array of technology and service providers to help carriers retrieve, embed, and use cyber analytics in their operations, including: 

  • - Easily add our CyberCube’s analytics to existing workflows via pre-built integrations with policy administration platforms 
  • - Develop a scalable view of risk for single-risk cyber underwriting
  • - Ingest cyber catastrophe analytics into existing pricing models 
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By leveraging CyberCube analytics in conjunction with our technology partners, our clients have the tools and support to:

Build and evolve sophisticated cyber analytics to make submissions more efficient 
Develop and refine automated underwriting rules and guidelines 
Triage risks at scale for cost-efficient production 
Quantify account-level pricing and supplement technical pricing models with CyberCube’s  Financial Loss Model and data