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You have a need. A need for speed.

CyberConnect allows you to seamlessly integrate the delivery of CyberCube insights, models, and signals into your existing workflow, delivering industry-leading models, signals, and solutions to help you understand your risks.

Partnering with leading institutions to power their growth


Have it your way

With CyberConnect APIs available for a wide array of CyberCube insights, models, analytics, and signals, you can tailor your implementation across CyberCube solutions for your specific needs. And with new updates regularly delivering more CyberCube insights, models, and analytics, you always have the ability to enrich your workflow further.

What CyberConnect delivers

direct support


No need to step out of your workflow.

enhanced information

Improved usability

Select the insights, models, and signals most important to your organization to minimize information overload.

excedence return

Quicker/shorter learning curve

Define the outputs to match your existing terminology to minimize adoption time.

agility and responsiveness


Deploy custom CyberCube solution stacks for each individual team tailored for their specific segment of the insurance value chain.

CyberConnect Coverage

CyberConnect APIs deliver a broad array of capabilities that span the functions of Portfolio Risk Management, Single-risk Underwriting, and Transaction Broking. 

Categories of CyberConnect APIs include:

  • Catastrophe Risk Management

  • Risk Scoring Analysis

  • Financial Loss Modeling

  • Reinsurance Modeling

  • SPoF Intelligence

  • Risk Intelligence

  • Threat Modeling

Efficiently underwrite risks, price policies, and ensure a profitable book of business with CyberCube's integrated solutions

Don't just take our word for it, hear from CyberCube Clients


“As a leader in specialty risk and liability insurance, we’re focused on helping clients understand the evolving threat that cyber exposures pose to their businesses. This partnership with CyberCube will let us present our clients with the information we need to help them develop strategies to effectively mitigate their cyber risk.”

Robert Rosenzweig, Cyber Liability Practice Leader at Risk Strategies

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CAERS - Cyber Aggregation Events Response Services

CAERS provides up-to-date intelligence on major cyber catastrophes worldwide as they unfold to ensure CyberCube clients have the most relevant information regarding significant aggregation events. 

For major events, CyberCube’s perspective will also be enhanced by on-the-ground threat intelligence from Kroll, our incident response partner.