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CyberCube Scanning

About Us

CyberCube provides world-leading cyber risk analytics to the insurance industry. CyberCube’s analytics platform provides an unrivaled ecosystem of data, signals and models to fuel cyber risk quantification, which enables CyberCube to facilitate (re)insurance placement, underwriting decisions, and portfolio management optimization for its clients. 

CyberCube collects and analyzes a wide variety of data sources to provision its models, analytics, and related services, including observing and assessing the security posture of certain internet connected systems.

Data Collection

One of the data collection techniques we employ is to send out short Internet probes for a variety of software services that might be active on the Internet.  Based on the responses, we are able to confirm when such a software service is available to the public (including us).  Some additional metadata received as a part of these responses can also allow us to infer associated information such as software versions or other publicly visible settings.

CyberCube actively avoids collecting non-public and/or potentially sensitive information.  At no time do we intentionally attempt to circumvent firewalls or other defensive network infrastructure at an organization. We take care to ensure that our measurement probes are designed such that they do not intentionally attempt to trigger known vulnerabilities in a variety of software systems.  
We never attempt to log in to any service, read any database, or otherwise gain authenticated access to any system on the Internet. 

We only intend to study and collect data about corporations and other similar organizational entities. It is not our intent to collect or track specific IP addresses associated with individuals as part of our efforts. Such mappings are not known to us at any time.  If you identify yourself to us as an individual via our opt out process (see “Opting Out” below), and request that we delete any collected personal information, you must provide us with proof of such a mapping and the time duration for which that mapping was valid.  Upon confirmation, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete any such information about you from our scanning activities (other than information we must retain to comply with your request to remain on our opt-out list or as otherwise permitted by applicable law).

How to identify us

CyberCube strives to be a good internet citizen.  As such, we make efforts to allow everyone to identify our scanning activities. You can identify our scans as traffic originating from the following set of IP addresses:,,,,,,,,,

We also take precautionary measures to ensure that the rate at which our measurement probes are sent is low.  This generally prevents any network security alarms from being triggered inadvertently.  

Opting Out

We are committed to upholding the security and privacy of the entire online community. As part of that mission, we maintain an internal list of entities that have contacted us and wish to prevent us from attempting to access their addresses or ports.

To have your IP address added to this list, provide us with the IP addresses you wish to remove via email to: Please continue to update us if your IP addresses or networks change so we can continue to keep you opted out. You will receive a confirmation email when completed.   We may inform users of our systems of your decision if requested as an explanation for the missing data.