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Account Manager

The industry’s most advanced cyber underwriting solution


Lost in the vastness of cyber risk data?

Account Manager gives underwriters a unique view of each risk with claims-validated predictive analytics. This enables them to identify the accounts that fall within set underwriting guidelines and ensure the carrier’s long-term profitability.

Cut through the noise

  • Find the relevant insights you need
  • Eliminate time-consuming data hunting
Improve workflow
  • Seamlessly integrate into and improve your existing workflows
  • Increase transparency and collaboration
Protect the bottom line
  • Financially quantify your risk
  • Decrease time per account

  • Increase underwriting accuracy

Account Summary Dashboard


Displays the most relevant information:

vector (1)-2
Predictive risk factors
Select financial loss metrics
vector (2)-1
Predictive Security and Exposure scores
vector (3)-1
Past cyber incidents
vector (4)-1
Qualitative summary of findings

Partnering with leading institutions to power their growth


Chart your path to profitability

Purpose built from the ground up for insurance underwriter workflows, CyberCube’s data approach enables Account Manager to surface the key predictive insights you need to make data-driven risk selections and pricing decisions.

Account Manager features


Account Manager provides access to clear, easy-to-understand explanations along with the technical detail to help both generalists and technical underwriters evaluate risks effectively and efficiently, including:

Enterprise intelligence
Enhance your exposure data with our database of tens of millions of companies
Insurance-relevant signals

Benchmark a submission against its peer group with proven predictive risk factors

Tailor coverage with relevant signals across multiple threat types

Financial loss quantification
Understand the complete spectrum of small, large and catastrophic loss events that might impact an individual account
Technology dependency data
Identify an account’s digital supply chain, security technologies, and technology stack
Actionable insights
Recommend opportunities for cyber risk mitigation when evaluating new business submissions and renewals

Cross-suite capabilities

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Portfolio Scoring

Quickly conduct a detailed analysis of any portfolio to:

  • Identify problem accounts, industries, and peer groups based on select at-risk telemetry
  • Understand concentrations of both vulnerabilities and defensive security technologies
  • Identify key drivers of risk and profitability

Why our clients choose CyberCube


Stephen Ridley

Head of Cyber


Aviva selected CyberCube "to help us grow our cyber book in a sustainable and profitable manner — but it will also play an important role in helping our customers improve their security capabilities and mitigate risks before they become an issue. Furthermore, CyberCube’s risk selection expertise will help us ensure that we have a strong grip on our potential exposure to systemic cyber risks".

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