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Account Manager is an easy-to-use SaaS solution delivering the critical insights that you need. It helps you identify the accounts that fall within your underwriting guidelines and ensure your carrier’s long-term profitability. Transforming data into contextualized insights, Account Manager allows users to make data-driven risk selection and pricing decisions.

Cutting through the noise

Every time you need to pause and hunt for another piece of data or information to do your job, it’s disruptive. With the ever-increasing volume of cybersecurity data, this proves more and more challenging. Account Manager can cut through the noise and offer you the relevant insights you need.

What Account Manager delivers

At CyberCube, we understand the challenges you face when underwriting risks. Account Manager does the heavy lifting of delivering the key insights necessary for you to effectively and efficiently underwrite risks, price policies, and ensure a profitable book of business that aligns with your underwriting workflow.

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Enterprise Intelligence

Supplement your exposure data with our database of over 12 million companies or leverage CyberCube's proprietary microsegment data for intelligent recommendations.

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Relevant Signals

Benchmark submission’s risk factors against its micro-segment, industry, or the market and deliver relevant signals across multiple threat types.

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Financial Loss Quantification

Fully probabilistic financial model captures the spectrum of large and small loss events that might impact an individual account.

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Actionable Insights

Demystifies technical signals and recommends opportunities for cyber risk mitigation when evaluating new business submissions and renewals.

The information you need, when you need it

Make informed exposure assessments

You may need to deal with incomplete firmographic data about companies that you are evaluating. This is challenging because this data often informs a company’s exposure level, which is a critical part of every underwriting assessment. 

CyberCube’s firmographic database provides new or supplemental firmographic information that helps you make more informed exposure assessments.

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Make good judgment calls

One of the most important aspects of your underwriting process is risk selection. How do you make good judgment calls on which companies to underwrite?

Account Manager provides an efficient, data-driven way to understand a company’s security and exposure posture, identify red flags, and compare the company with peers in various segments. These insights are strong indicators of the likelihood of cyber incidents, as shown by statistical studies conducted by CyberCube data science experts.  

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Inform cyber risk mitigation strategies with actionable insights

Cybersecurity is a broad field with many technical nuances. Unless you're a technical underwriter, cybersecurity data can quickly become too complex to understand or know what to do with.

Account Manager's actionable insights deliver value to you regardless of whether you are a generalist underwriter or a technical underwriter. They provide clear, easy-to-understand explanations of security signals and their importance, as well as deeper data to drill in on specific areas of concern.

Account Manager’s actionable recommendations have been designed by CyberCube’s insurance and cyber specialists for an insurance practitioner to take practical next steps based on understandable and relevant information.


Articulate a unified thesis

As an underwriter, you must be able to substantiate your underwriting decisions. Without an analytics tool, you must pull together multiple sources of information and articulate a unified thesis to support your decision.

Account Manager makes this process efficient by generating a consolidated, data-driven view of scores, signals, and data that allows you to quickly create customizable reports to file or use in your underwriting referral process.

defend underwriting theses

Define and substantiate pricing levels

Account Manager’s financial loss model helps you define and substantiate profitable pricing levels through key metrics such as expected loss, attachment points, and more.

Our solution also uses the same financial loss engine as the other products in the CyberCube product suite (Broking Manager and Portfolio Manager), which drives consistency across the cyber insurance ecosystem.

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Tokio Marine selected CyberCube "to enhance our overall risk management of the cyber line of business, as well as offer our underwriters with tools and analytics to help with risk selection."

Daljitt Barn,Global Head of Cyber Risk, and Head of Tokio Marine Innovation Lab

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