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Prep modulePrep Module


Prepare for cyber insurance marketing and renewals

Prep Module allows brokers to help their clients identify potential insurance-relevant cyber security issues before the placement or renewals process begins. 

By combining BM with Prep Module, brokers can take control of the placement timeline, identify potential pain points, provide a map to insurability for clients, and ultimately be proactive risk advisors with a 360-degree service offering. 

Smooth out the brokering process

  • - Identify issues observed on the client’s public attack surface that puts them at risk
  • - Verify that observed issue(s) are addressed 
  • - Collaborate with clients to explain why unaddressed issues are acceptable

Prep Module includes both a six month historical and monthly view of observed issues from perimeter scanning of relevant network assets with:

direct support

Simplified collaboration with two information delivery paths:

  • - Insurance buyer report
  • - Detailed IT Security team report

enhanced information

Customizable network footprints to enable:

  • - Inclusion/Exclusion of subsidiaries 
  • - Marginal impact analysis for potential M&A activity
excedence return

A focus on cyber underwriters’ areas of concerns:

  • - Remote Access ports
  • - Critical Software Vulnerabilities
  • - End-of-Life (EOL) software
agility and responsiveness

Network Snapshot Reports:

  • - Verify security remediations
  • - Return results for an unmatched company
  • - Spot-check new issues
  • - Generate on-demand snapshot view of network activities