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Prep Module

Now with Network Snapshot Reports

Identify potential cyber issues before the placement or renewals process begins


Prepare for cyber insurance marketing and renewals

Prep Module allows brokers to help their clients identify potential insurance-relevant cyber security issues before the placement or renewals process begins.

By combining Broking Manager with Prep Module, brokers can take control of the placement timeline, identify potential pain points, provide a map to insurability for clients, and ultimately be proactive risk advisors with a 360-degree service offering.

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Network Snapshot Reports

In addition, Prep Module includes Network Snapshot Reports, an on-demand security verification tool, that empowers brokers to verify a company’s issues affecting insurability in real-time with the most relevant security signals.


Smooth out the brokering process

  • Identify issues observed on the client’s public attack surface that puts them at risk
  • Verify that observed issue(s) are addressed
  • Collaborate with clients to explain why unaddressed issues are acceptable


Get clients ready for the marketing and renewal process


Prep Module includes both a six month historical and monthly view of observed issues from perimeter scanning of relevant network assets with:

Simplified collaboration with two information delivery paths
  • Insurance buyer report
  • Detailed IT Security team report
Customizable network footprints to enable:
  • Inclusion/Exclusion of subsidiaries
  • Marginal impact analysis for potential M&A activity
A focus on cyber underwriters’ areas of concerns:
  • Remote Access ports
  • Critical Software Vulnerabilities
  • End-of-Life (EOL) software
Network Snapshot Reports:
  • Verify security remediations
  • Return results for an unmatched company

  • Spot-check new issues

  • Generate on-demand snapshot view of network activities

Why our clients choose CyberCube


Colin White

Head of Cyber Analytics


CyberCube has proven to be a low-friction predictive modeling solution tailored to our clients’ risk profile. This fits in seamlessly as one pillar in the comprehensive discussion of the qualitative and quantitative factors influencing the limit purchase decision.

William Wright



Paragon is thrilled to be working with CyberCube. Broking Manager is by far the most complete client advisory tool we’ve seen supporting the cyber insurance vertical. It produces a level of detail and sophistication which we are really excited to share with our clients.

David Hallstrom & Nadia Hoyte

National Cyber Advisors


CyberCube provides USI with the tools to help clients make informed cyber limit and self-insured retention decisions. For example, CyberCube facilitates discussion on cyber aggregate loss potential from multiple threats in near real-time versus focusing predominately on historical peer purchasing patterns. Drilling down into multiple verticals, classes of business and company-specific risk management tools allows for even further customized solution builds – a must for modern cyber insurance placement.

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