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Broking managerBroking Manager: Power up your cyber engagements


We’ll help you with your ABCs

As a broker, you need to get the right information in your hands as fast as possible and in a manner that is simplified and ready for conversations with clients and prospects. With no need to further translate or transform the information, you can effectively communicate cyber risk to your client when time is of the essence. And in today’s hardening market, you have the ability to run an analysis on any company in the world, with the global data and technical details you need to substantiate your recommendations.

Always. Be. Closing.

Broking Manager directly answers the questions that brokers receive most from their clients and prospects.

- “What limits should I buy?”
- “What am I exposed to?”
- “What are my peers doing?”

Broking Manager was designed from the ground up with the broker’s needs front and center. You get the answer right away with less data overhead.

Delivered in a clean interface, Broking Manager gives you the answers you need right away for your client advisory conversations — and you will always have an answer, even with limited client information.

What Broking Manager delivers

direct support

Financial Loss Model

Quantifies cyber loss potentials and informs insurance limit purchasing decisions.

enhanced information

Risk Transfer Benchmarking

Illustrate how your client’s risk transfer strategy compares with their peer group.

excedence return

Cyber Threat Model

Identify the relative exposure of your client to multiple cyber threat scenarios.

agility and responsiveness

Streamlined Client Assessments

Refine modeled results to reflect your client’s specific internal security and operation exposures.



Integrate with broker team workflows for easy hand-off and account sharing.

The information you need, when you need it

Risk transfer strategy discussions

With Broking Manager, you no longer need to waste time surveying the market to answer your client’s questions around the amount of limits purchased.

You will know, not guess, what your client’s position will be relative to their peers when approaching the market with any given limit. Instead of basing peer comparisons on specific limits purchased, you can discuss risk transfer strategies more broadly.

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Benchmarking the cyber risk exposure

Threat actors typically target the easiest targets. By placing companies on the same scale when assessing threats and vulnerabilities across multiple scenarios, you can see how they stack up, what their relative risk is, and advise if action is needed to improve their cyber hygiene and better position them to the insurance marketplace to secure coverage.

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Differentiating companies with similar exposures

Painlessly engage your client to get a more reliable representation of their risk with a digital assessment questionnaire, which has been designed to streamline and simplify cyber security data exchange while accurately capturing your client’s cyber security posture.

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Optimize your workflow

Why our clients choose CyberCube


“When we discuss Cyber risk with clients and prospects, we have moved beyond the debate of necessity. The focus is now ‘how much and why’? Broking Manager has allowed us to move beyond benchmarking to model and quantify each organization’s unique Cyber risks”
Tim Burke, Director of Cyber Risk, IMA


“We’re excited to add CyberCube’s capabilities to our client-facing analytics strategy. Our approach provides value on many levels by leveraging multiple data sources from the cyber security and insurance sectors. Lockton’s data-driven proposition continues to improve accuracy in predictive modelling, capital modelling, and benchmarking for cyber risks.”
Anthony Dagostino, Executive Vice President and Global Cyber & Technology Practice Leader, Lockton


“CyberCube has proven to be a low-friction predictive modeling solution tailored to our clients’ risk profile. This fits in seamlessly as one pillar in the comprehensive discussion of the qualitative and quantitative factors influencing the limit purchase decision.”
Colin White, Head of Cyber Analytics for Lockton



“CyberCube provides USI with the tools to help clients make informed cyber limit and self-insured retention decisions. For example, CyberCube facilitates discussion on cyber aggregate loss potential from multiple threats in near real-time versus focusing predominately on historical peer purchasing patterns. Drilling down into multiple verticals, classes of business and company-specific risk management tools allows for even further customized solution builds – a must for modern cyber insurance placement.”
David Hallstrom & Nadia Hoyte, National Cyber Advisors for USI


“The beauty of taking (the CyberCube) approach to your customized risk is that most loss scenarios a company would face in a given year can be accounted for on the loss curve. Want to insure against 90% of your projected potential data breach losses? You can find that on the loss curve to know the proper cyber insurance limit to purchase.”
Dan Burke, Senior Vice President, National Cyber Practice Leader, Woodruff-Sawyer


“Paragon is thrilled to be working with CyberCube. Broking Manager is by far the most complete client advisory tool we’ve seen supporting the cyber insurance vertical. It produces a level of detail and sophistication which we are really excited to share with our clients."
William Wright, Partner, Paragon


“Broking Manager will provide exceptional insights for our clients at a time when the cyber risk landscape is changing markedly.”
Beth Martin, Management Liability and Cyber Practice Leader, Crane Agency


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CAERS - Cyber Aggregation Event Response Service

CAERS provides up-to-date intelligence on major cyber catastrophes worldwide as they unfold to ensure CyberCube clients have the most relevant information regarding significant aggregation events. 

For major events, CyberCube’s perspective will also be enhanced by on-the-ground threat intelligence from Kroll, our incident response partner.