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As our world becomes more interconnected, there are entities that specialize in providing niche services to many elements within the supply chain, whether the supply chain is digital or physical.

Theoretically independent supply chains of unrelated businesses may rely on a handful of providers that are “best-in-class” for their specialties. The net result is that an outage at one of these providers becomes a Single Point of Failure (SPoF) that may disrupt large swaths of companies that rely on them for their business operations.

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Understanding your SPoF risk accumulations

For (re)insurers, understanding the concentration of SPoFs in your portfolio is critical to managing your SPoF risk accumulations.  Reinsurers can also distinguish which cedants are better at managing cyber risk concentration.

While you won’t be able to eliminate SPoFs from affecting your portfolio, with the right technology dependency data, you can better manage your risk concentrations and minimize cyber catastrophe losses across all coverage types.

SPoF intelligence capabilities


  • View technology dependencies in your portfolio
  • Understand your digital supply chain risk concentrations
  • Improve claims response to cyber events.
  • Manage cyber accumulations

SPoF Intelligence module

  • Enhanced portfolio risk insights
  • Improve your understanding of the primary risk drivers across the tail
  • Customizable footprints with your own data to influence modeled results
  • Complete visibility into the dependency data that sits at the heart of the model
spof intelligence module
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SPoF Intelligence delivers

  • Hundreds of modeled and over 42,000 unmodeled SPoFs
  • Over 1 billion fit-for-purpose technology dependencies including their Confidence and Importance
  • Customizable technology dependencies
  • Heat maps of SPoF concentration by industry and revenue
  • SPoF Intelligence delivers sixteen critical metrics

Understand and manage your risk accumulations with SPoF Intelligence

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CAERS - Cyber Aggregation Events Response Services

CAERS provides up-to-date intelligence on major cyber catastrophes worldwide as they unfold to ensure CyberCube clients have the most relevant information regarding significant aggregation events. 

For major events, CyberCube’s perspective will also be enhanced by on-the-ground threat intelligence from Kroll, our incident response partner.