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Single Point of Failure (SPoF) Intelligence

The definitive source for analyzing a portfolio's digital supply chain, integrated with the industry's leading cyber model


Understand your SPoF risk accumulations

In our interconnected world, individual businesses and software may rely on the same technologies that are used by many others to supply business critical functions. The net result is a single point of failure risk aggregation, where a cyber incident on a shared technology may disrupt the business operations of large swaths of companies. 

Understand digital supply chain risk concentrations
Identify which technologies are driving losses
Improve claims response to cyber events
Manage cyber accumulations

Understanding the concentration of SPoFs in your portfolio is critical to manage your risk accumulation

Partnering with leading institutions to power their growth


SPoF Intelligence Module

  • Enhance portfolio risk insights
  • Improve your understanding of the primary risk drivers across the tail
  • Inform your event response priorities
  • Customizable footprints with your own data to influence modeled results
  • Complete visibility into the technology dependency data that sits at the heart of CyberCube's model

SPoF Intelligence delivers

  • Over 55,000 SPoFs
  • Over 1 billion fit-for-purpose technology dependencies including:
    • Confidence ratings of the underlying data
    • Importance of the dependency to an enterprise
  • Customizable technology dependencies to reflect the data you collect at underwriting
  • Heat maps of SPoF concentration
  • Sixteen critical metrics spanning each SPoF’s risk, outages, and breaches
  • Continuous enhancement of underlying data while maintaining accuracy and reliability with AI

Why our clients choose CyberCube


Adam Braithwaite

Senior Reinsurance Actuary


Lockton Re selected Portfolio Manager to "integrate with Lockton Re's SAGE, our proprietary reinsurance analytics platform, to provide our clients with even greater analytical insights and advice for their cyber portfolios."

Stephen Ridley

Aviva Head of Cyber


Aviva selected CyberCube "to help us grow our cyber book in a sustainable and profitable manner, but it will also play an important role in helping our customers improve their security capabilities and mitigate risks before they become an issue. Furthermore, CyberCube’s risk selection expertise will help us ensure that we have a strong grip on our potential exposure to systemic cyber risks."

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