Cyber Aggregation Event Response Service

CAERS provides up-to-date intelligence on major cyber catastrophes worldwide as they unfold to ensure CyberCube clients have the most relevant information regarding significant aggregation events. 

CAERS ensures that our multi-disciplinary team is mobilized most effectively so that clients benefit from our knowledge, experience, and insights. While outputs will vary, depending on the severity of the cyber aggregation event, during and after a major aggregation event


The CyberCube experts can help with:

Cyber Intelligence
Client Success
Cyber Economist
Product Engineering
Data Science
Data Engineering

Our client have access to:

Aim big and think bigger
CyberCube’s insights, analysis, and knowledge to inform them of the potential impacts on their portfolio(s)
direct support
  • How existing CyberCube solutions represent the event
  • Updates as the event evolves 
collaborate with everyone
Enhanced by on-the-ground threat intelligence 
CyberCube is partnering with Kroll

For major events, CyberCube’s perspective will also be enhanced by on-the-ground threat intelligence from Kroll, our incident response partner.