Address Business Interruption in a Hyper-Connected World


Address Business Interruption in a Hyper-Connected World

The hyperconnectivity caused by the advent of IoT and 5G is making business-critical supply chains and industrial control systems ever more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The threat is increasing in sophistication too, with state-supported actors ushering in a new era of covert warfare. How can insurers adequately manage and mitigate the existential risk to businesses?

Find out in this upcoming webinar where you'll hear from:

- Siobhan O’Brien, Leader, Guy Carpenter Cyber Centre of Excellence, International and Global Specialties, Guy Carpenter
- Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Head of Portfolio Risk Management, Lloyd's
- Monica Tigleanu, Cyber Property Damage Leader, Marsh
- Jenna McGrath, Senior Cyber Economist, CyberCube
- Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

During the 1 hour free webinar you will:

- Debate how the insurance industry can respond to the growth of IoT and 5G as the number of connected points increases and bandwidth grows
- Understand how vulnerable manufacturing and industrial control systems are to ransomware attacks and find out what the insurance industry can do to help
- Find out how government and public bodies are working to create standards to prevent cybercrime as the number of connections mushrooms
- Discover how to manage accumulation and aggregation along supply chains—or is it an unsolvable problem?
- Address the threat of critical infrastructure being hit by a catastrophic cyber incident

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