Foresight 2021: super-spreader technologies and cyber cat modeling


Foresight 2021: super-spreader technologies and cyber cat modeling

Virtual Event

In light of social distancing measures around the globe, CyberCube’s Foresight Series will be taken into the virtual world this year.

We hope to see you at all 4 Foresight 2021 events, as each event has a unique mix of engaging keynotes, industry speakers, practitioner discussions and CyberCube interactions. 

The focus of Foresight is to provide a forum for sharing, debate and problem-solving around key cyber risk and insurance themes. Therefore, we are proud to showcase (re)insurance clients, threat intelligence specialists and CyberCube experts in the program, to share their experiences and how they are using analytics to solve problems.

There will be plenty of opportunity to network with the CyberCube community and engage with CyberCube on product-related matters on our interactive virtual conference platform. CyberCube will host drop-in booths throughout the program to reach your client services executive, feedback on the CyberCube User Interface experience or learn about new product developments.

Event Details

Virtual Event