INSUREtrust chooses CyberCube’s Broking Manager

San Francisco, California, 29 March 2021

Atlanta-based insurance brokerage INSUREtrust is to roll out CyberCube’s Broking Manager, the cyber risks analytics platform for insurance intermediaries. 

INSUREtrust is a wholesale insurance brokerage serving over 6,000 clients. In 1997, INSUREtrust manuscripted a unique policy form designed to explicitly cover exposures associated with the Internet’s emerging, digital risks. As a result, they have been a leader in the emerging risks, specialty brokering space for almost 24 years now.

Broking Manager is the first software-as-a-service application CyberCube has built specifically for the insurance broking community. It offers a streamlined approach to generating financial exposure impact that helps clients make informed decisions on coverages and limits.

Broking Manager will allow INSUREtrust’s team to quantify and explain to their clients the sources and financial impact of cyber risk exposure. The platform also produces reports that can be used to educate prospects and clients on potential sources of loss, recent and relevant cyber events, and peer-to-peer benchmarking.

Pascal Millaire, CEO for CyberCube, said: “INSUREtrust is an award-winning pioneer in the cyber insurance broking space. We’re thrilled they’ve chosen to use Broking Manager and look forward to their input as we continue to refine the offering to better meet the needs of insurance buyers in the years to come.”

Christiaan Durdaller, President and CEO of INSUREtrust, said: “We’re very excited to equip our exclusive broker and agent partners with Broking Manager to assist with cyber risk quantification. Our Cyber Secure Group (CSG) partners will be able to quickly and easily quantify their client’s financial exposure and explain underlying sources driving that exposure to facilitate better risk transfer decision making.  

“We aspire to continue to lead innovation amongst specialty brokers for years to come and recognize that CyberCube is going to enable us to continue to do that. There is huge growth potential in the cyber marketplace and risk modeling and limit adequacy tests are going to play a key part in accessing the growth levels we hope to achieve.”

Broking Manager complements CyberCube’s two other products: Portfolio Manager and Account Manager, which are designed for risk carriers and are used by leading companies across the insurance ecosystem.

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