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Guidelines for using AI in our interviewing process

At CyberCube, we are committed to maintaining a transparent and responsible approach in utilizing AI during our recruitment processes. To maintain fairness and ensure all candidates have equal opportunities, we have outlined the appropriate use of AI by CyberCube and candidates during the hiring process.

What you need to know about AI when applying to CyberCube:

As AI technology evolves, we continuously adapt our strategies to ensure compliance with legal standards and to minimize biases. We regularly update our procedures to reflect these changes and to stay at the forefront of ethical AI usage.

How you can use AI in your interview process:

Candidates are increasingly using AI to support them in their job searches, and at CyberCube, we recognize the potential benefits of these technologies. While we welcome the use of AI within the guidelines provided, please inform us if you intend to use AI in ways that are not covered by these guidelines during your interview process with us. This ensures transparency and maintains the integrity of our selection process. As part of our commitment to accuracy and fairness, we may verify key qualifications and experiences with references as needed.

Regardless of how AI may evolve, CyberCube does not tolerate plagiarism or misrepresentation of job-related skills from candidates.

  • Application materials: Using AI to assist you in building your resume or cover letter is acceptable. However, we expect the application materials you submit to accurately represent your qualifications and skills.H2
  • Interview preparation: We encourage candidates to use AI responsibly to enhance their readiness. This can include utilizing AI-powered mock interview platforms to practice answering questions and receive feedback on delivery and content. Furthermore, engaging with AI for current industry insights and trends can prepare you for in-depth discussions during your interview. While we appreciate the advantages AI offers, all interactions must remain genuine and reflective of your own abilities and perspectives.
  • Phone and Zoom interviews: Our interviews are structured to assess the skills essential for the role you are applying for. We aim to gauge your interpersonal and collaborative capabilities and how these would contribute to your effectiveness in the position. Please participate in our interviews without relying on or referring to AI-generated responses. Unauthorized use of such content, or failure to disclose its use in advance, may result in the disqualification of your application.
  • Take-home technical assessment: Our technical assessments are designed to evaluate the skills and problem-solving abilities of our candidates. To ensure a fair and efficient process, we have crafted these assessments to be both challenging and reflective of the tasks one might encounter on the job. We acknowledge the growing role of AI in various fields, including software development, and we permit candidates to utilize AI tools during their take-home technical assessments with the expectation that candidates can thoroughly explain the prompts they created and engage in detailed discussions about the technical choices they implemented. These tasks are created and checked by humans at CyberCube.
  • Live coding assessments: We strive to create coding assessments that simulate the work an engineer at CyberCube would perform, which may include the use of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Co-pilot. We welcome the transparent use of generative AI in the interview process for certain roles with the expectation that candidates can thoroughly explain the prompts they create and engage in detailed discussions about the technical choices they implement. This approach ensures candidates can effectively leverage AI tools while demonstrating a deep understanding of their application and impact.

If you are interviewing with CyberCube and have any questions about our policies or guidelines above, please contact

How CyberCube’s Recruiting team uses AI

  • Job Descriptions: Our hiring managers or recruiters may begin crafting job descriptions with AI assistance, then refine them to ensure precision and inclusivity.
  • Sourcing Messages: Recruiters may use AI to draft messages to potential candidates and then personalize them with a human touch.
  • Interview Questions: Interviewers may develop interview questions using AI helping them assess the essential attributes for the position.
  • Human Oversight: Our process always involves human input, ensuring no output is purely AI-generated and remains accurate and authentic.