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LONDON, September 12, 2019 – our first user conference, designed to bring together our clients and the wider community for a day of sharing, debate and problem-solving.

CyberCube’s Foresight Conference Round-up: Highlights
CyberCube’s first “Foresight” conference in London focused on a wide range of topics, with guest speakers from regulatory, venture capitalist, defence, technology and (re)insurance backgrounds. Panelists and delegates discussed what risks lie ahead, and how data and analytics can help develop the management of cyber risks.

Cyber is the Future of the Entire Property & Casualty Industry
No part of the P&C market is untouched by the cyber sector, says Pascal Millaire, chief executive officer of CyberCube. A forward-looking view helps overcome the analytical challenges when trying to understand underwriting cyber risk.

An Engaged Board of Directors Fundamental to Creating Cyber Resilience
Companies can improve their cyber resilience by adopting a threat-led approach to cyber security and having an engaged board of directors, says Michael Hawthorne OBE, chief executive officer of Cobweb Cyber and former Commander of the U.K. Joint Forces Cyber Group.

“No One Entity Has All the Answers”- A Perspective from the Front Line
CyberCube board member Mike S. Rogers draws on his experience as the Former Director of the U.S. National Security Agency and Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. He reflects on how forming partnerships with different third parties enhanced government intelligence and why it is important for the insurance industry to create allies.

When Using Cyber Models, Watch Out for Counterparty Crooks
Matt Weber, CyberCube board member and former Chief Underwriting Officer for Swiss Re, gives his key recommendations for using cyber models and discusses how transparency is vital for making informed decisions.

Speaking the Same Language Will Help Grow the Cyber Market 
Josh Pyle, Director for CyberCube, and Chris Shafer, Associate Vice President U.S. Cyber Solutions Specialty Practice for Guy Carpenter, outline the key findings of a new ground-breaking report and discuss ways to elevate the understanding of cyber insurance at a market level.

Lives Could be Placed at Risk as we Become Hyper-Connected
As vertical markets become increasingly connected, the implications of failing to get security and privacy correct have bigger ramifications, impacting society and not just technology, explains Darren Thomson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of the EMEA region for Symantec.

The Movement from Physical to Digital Risk Disrupts Traditional Lines
Ashwin Kashyap, Co-founder and Head of Product and Analytics at CyberCube, talks about how driverless cars and the Internet of Things make it important for insurers to manage and mitigate cyber risk.

Monte Carlo Rendezvous a Focal Point for Examining Cyber Growth
Attendees at the Monte Carlo Rendezvous de Septembre were curious to discover how the insurance industry can manage accumulation risk and quantify cyber catastrophe to grow portfolios in a controlled manner says Rebecca Bole, Head of Industry Engagement at CyberCube.

Stephan Brunner, Cyber Actuary for Munich Re, talks about what he took away from CyberCube’s first Foresight conference.

Wrapping up the CyberCube Conference
Jon Laux, Head of Cyber Analytics, Aon Reinsurance Solutions provides an original “rap-up” to CyberCube’s first Foresight conference in London.

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