Crafting the Samurai Sword – How to Advance Your Data Strategy Webinar

Creating a data lake that serves as a competitive advantage for your cyber insurance business is both a science and an art. Cyber data is plentiful but can be large, complex and dynamic. Shaping petabytes of raw data into a weapon that provides unmatched business value is a goal which many cyber insurance practitioners are still striving to achieve.

14 Jul

Cyber Liability Insurance: A Data-Driven Approach to How Much Insurance You Need | Webinar

Join Woodruff Sawyer’s National Cyber Practice Leader Dan Burke and CyberCube, our cyber risk analytics partner, for a discussion about the role of analytics in quantifying your business’ cyber risk exposure and why one size…

17 Jun

Foresight 2020: Virtual Reality

In light of social distancing measures around the globe, CyberCube’s second Foresight user conference will be taken into the virtual world this year. We hope to see you at all 3 sessions of Foresight 2020,…

10 Jun

Reducing friction and shortening the cyber insurance sales cycle

Cyber insurance is one of the fastest-growing markets in the insurance industry. And with this fast growth comes new and constantly changing risks. Organizations need to act quickly to avoid the potentially devastating effects of…

21 May

Ransomware-as-a-Service: An Evolving Business Model

Ransomware is evolving — and fast. The emergence of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) — where a supply chain of different hacking experts provides toolkits for attacks in return for a cut of the ransom payment — changes…

29 Apr

Cat Risk management and Modelling, Europe 2020

The Annual CAT Risk Management & Modelling Europe 2020 is now in its 7th year as the only independent global CAT risk conference series. Since its inception in 2013, it has played host to CAT risk modelling experts in Sydney, Singapore, London and greater Europe.

11 Mar

PLUS D&O Symposium 2020

CyberCube will be present at the PLUS D&O Symposium 2020, more information to come.

25 Feb

Cyber Risk Insights Conference SF 2020

The San Francisco edition of Advisen’s Cyber Risk Insights Conference series emphasizes technology, innovation, and the regulatory environment, all of which set California and the West Coast apart in the cyber risk …

11 Feb

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020

21 Jan
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