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Data-driven cyber risk analytics built for the insurance industry

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Power insight-driven risk decisions

CyberCube’s analytics platform provides an unrivalled ecosystem of data, signals and models to fuel cyber risk quantification. CyberCube enables (re)insurance placement, underwriting decisions, and portfolio management optimization – all powered by a state-of-the-art cloud-based technology framework.

End-to-end solutions for the insurance sector


Direct access to curated datasets, models and signals

We embed cyber into your workflow and ecosystem.


Software-as-a-Service applications

Out-of-the-box analytics tools for insurance advisory, single risk underwriting and portfolio management


Enablement services

CyberCube’s deep expertise equips your team to gain critical knowledge at speed through our best-of-breed Consulting, Academy and dedicated Client Success team


Reflect our dedication to quantifying cyber risk 


Market-leading signals, models and analytics

Our clients benefit from the world’s largest investment in analytics, models and services built specifically for the cyber insurance industry. An active and trusted contributor in the industry, we work with multiple stakeholders to build world-class solutions.


Dedicated Multi-Disciplinary Cyber Expertise

Unlock the business value in cyber insurance from our team of 100’s of world-leading experts from data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, threat intelligence, actuarial science, software engineering and insurance.

Enterprise Data
Internal Security Data

Curated from an ecosystem of best-in-class partner and proprietary datasets

We painstakingly organize, enrich and curate best-in-class data sources at a petabyte-scale alongside our own proprietary data for use in our analytic models

External Security Data
Supply Chain Data
Enterprise Data
Internal Security Data
External Security Data
Supply Chain Data
Insurance Data
Insurance Data, including Losses and Exposures

Built on a state of the art cloud-native technology platform, unlocking artificial intelligence and advanced analytics


Discover the solution made for you


Insurance Brokers

World-class cyber risk analytics to power client advisory for insurance purchases, financial loss estimates, and industry benchmarks.

Our products empower you to:

check Understand cybersecurity profiles

check Estimate financial loss from cyber attacks

check Provide comprehensive reports to clients

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Enable a detailed view of enterprise risk profiles for individual risk underwriting. Power portfolio-level decision making through forward-looking models.

Our products empower you to:

check Select the best risks for your portfolio

check Enhance reinsurance purchasing decisions

check Model realistic catastrophe scenarios

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Reinsurance Brokers

Industry-leading analytics to power client advisory for reinsurance purchasing, catastrophe modeling, and facultative risks.

Our products empower you to:

check Advise on reinsurance program structures

check Identify portfolio risk accumulations

check Inform catastrophe loads

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Measure the financial impact of systemic cyber attacks and identify accumulation risks in your portfolio for forward-looking risk modeling.

Our products empower you to:

check Model realistic catastrophe scenarios

check Identify accumulation risk in your portfolio

check Set cat loads for risk-adjusted pricing

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